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Fit Pregnancy Plan

Let's Get Fit, Mama!

This trimester-specific workout plans takes you through your workout in real time and strengthens the body in correlation to what your body needs and how it is changing! Andrea is pregnant throughout the entire series in the exact trimester as each workout video. 

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The Pilates Fix

Workouts with Andrea and her bestie, Kristen Matthews

These workouts include some of The Pilates Fix's workout plans, including the Sculpt and Sweat (magic circle plan), and Trim, Tighten and Tone (no props), which won best DVD of the year by Pilates Style Magazine.

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If you work better one-on-one, I hear you. Our bodies are unique, and often an individualized plan is just what is needed to positively kickstart and elevate results. I work with clients privately in 4, 8, or 12 week programs. 

The Studio

Athletic, musically-driven reformer Pilates fused with a contemporary training twist. Classes are results-driven and inclusive of all levels. We are here to support everyone as they athlete they are and help them achieve their fitness goals and needs through educated and attentive training, effective movement, and a dance party vibe.

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Athletic pilates meets modern cardio

Speir Pilates Studio

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