Hi there, I’m Andrea Speir.

I was born and raised in northern California in a small town called Lafayette, but for the past 18 years I’ve traded my oak trees for palm trees and spent my days in the sun of southern California.

my story

As a kid, I knew one thing for sure.. I loved to move. I love to dance. I love music.

Anything that let my body and mind connect had a meditative quality on me. This is around the time I found dance. I immersed myself in every form of dance and movement, and around the time I was 12, I began competitively dancing around California. At this time, I also began acting in the Young Conservatory at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Being on stage was everything to me. Nothing in the world let me feel so free, so present, and so me. 

This was when I was first introduced to Pilates. I was put into physical therapy, and Pilates mat and reformer work played a big role. I was in love.

I continued on to get my undergraduate degree in Theater and Dance from UC Irvine, and go on to perform and work in both New York City and London. 

Pilates remained a constant part of my life. I decided I wanted to take some time to learn everything I could about this method of movement and contrology, and obtain my 600 hour, all apparatus classical certification from Power Pilates in NYC and Beverly Hills. I planned on returning to the stage after this, but something I hadn’t anticipated happened. I loved teaching it. I decided I wanted to teach this incredible form of movement to others and completely fall in love with watching their bodies, health, wellness and lives change. I worked with private clients exclusively for years, while letting myself learn anything and everything about this fitness industry. I immersed myself in boxing, ballet barre, spinning, personal training, yoga, dance cardio. 

I began fusing my form-based Pilates workouts with elements of cardio, ballet barre, high intensity interval training and tabata, and props to make the incredible Pilates workouts as incredibly effective as possible. 

In 2015, I founded Speir Pilates with a badass mama and entrepreneur, Liz Polk. This group class studio offers all the styles of effective reformer workouts I created over the years in a community- focused and inclusive environment. This studio makes sure everyone gets the workout they need, everyone feels like an athlete, and they feel as though they are, in a sense, home.

When I’m not in spandex (rare), I’m rocking my mom jeans with my two babes! Parker Belle and Benjamin. They are the loves of my life.

At the age of 15, I was accepted to the California State Summer School of the Arts at CalArtsPart, winning the Governor’s Medallion for up and coming youth in the entertainment industry. Back at school though, I began wondering if I was missing out because I wasn’t participating in the school sports and activities that my peers were. I spent every waking hour after school either performing in a regional show, in rehearsals for a show, or taking dance and acting classes. Although my time was completely consumed, I decided to add one more thing to simply bond with my school peers, and joined the track team.

My my very first meet, I tore the meniscus in my knee.

This had a trickle effect. Everything I had been rehearsing for came to a cold and hard stop. I was off stage. I was out of dance classes. I lost my role in The Nutcracker. Life as I knew it veered suddenly in a different direction. I realized my body wasn’t indestructible, and I had to listen to it and give it love and attention, not push it to it’s absolute limit.

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what drives me:

Making fitness and a healthy lifestyle fun, accessible and inclusive to everyone is what drives me. We all hear the saying “live in the present,” but what I hope I can help show people is that healthy living can and should be fun, helping you to enjoy every second of that part of your day.


If it’s warmer than 80 degrees outside, I’m probably drinking an Aperol Spritz. 


I have more than 30 pairs of brightly colored sneakers.


In 2017, I became the mama to my mini, Parker Belle.


In 2019, my son Benjamin was born the day before my own birthday!


I do a killer Chewbacca impression, after that Aperol Spritz I’ll show you.


I am certified in Small Sword.


There are few things I love more than a perfectly ripe avocado.


My favorite movie is The Princess Bride (maybe where the small sword love came from..)


I have an older brother and a younger sister who both live in the bay area.


Morning ritual involves coffee with a dash of oat milk and a little brown coconut sugar.


My favorite style of dance is Fosse.


I spent a good chunk of my life doing improv.



Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Cinnamon Buns (generous on the frosting please)

celeb i'd love to meet

Michelle Obama

Guilty pleasure

Singing in the car

alternate universe job:

Interior designer

favorite place i've been:

The jungle in Belize

drink of choice

Margarita on the rocks (salt, of course)

can't live without


usually craving

Dill Pickles

beach vs mountains

Love them both, but beach baby!

favorite show to binge

Arrested Development

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