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Train alongside celebrity instructor Andrea Speir throughout her own pregnancy. The workouts are broken down by trimester, allowing you to work at the exact level needed and with the proper attention and focus. Andrea’s pre and postnatal fitness expertise shine in these curated, creative, safe and body sculpting routines.



Trim, Tighten & Tone DVD

Andrea teams up with her Pilates Fix partner, Kristen Mathews in what Pilates Style Magazine named it's "Best DVD for 2016"


Perfect Pilates Body DVD

Work out with Andrea on a Tribecca rooftop in NYC.  This mat Pilates DVD is a full body sculpting workout.

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Sculpt & Sweat- A Full Body Pilates Circle Workout DVD

This four part workout series uses the infamous Pilates "Magic Circle." Sculpt and define your abs creatively using the circle in a super focused routine or opt for a full body flowing routine. Stretching and cardio are added in as well to round out your workout to be exactly what you need.