Andrea is a content contributor to multiple health and wellness media outlets.  Her style is fresh and relatable, fusing her life experiences with her years of studying exercise science and proper effective movement.  Below are a few selected pieces that feature that style.


STRONG INSIDE OUT/How Losing My Dream Made Me Stronger

“If you can’t dance in two days, you are out.” 

These are the words I heard as my mind buzzed in increasing panic.

The horrific injury in my knee had swiftly become an insignificant side fact.

So far, my entire life’s passion and discipline had led up to the moment.

I was 16 years old, and dance was my life.

I think I began to love dancing as soon as I could get up on my feet and shake it in my little diaper.  Even at such a young age, whenever I heard music, my body filled with an intoxicating energy and it thrilled me to my core.

I began dance classes for fun,which quickly transformed from a hobby into my life...


FIT BOTTOMED GIRLS/Why You Should Do Pilates in the Morning

We all know the feeling that washes over you as the repetitive sound of the alarm clock echoes through the bedroom.

How can it possibly be morning already?! 

As a self proclaimed “NOT morning person,” I will be the first to admit I am envious of those who bound out of bed ready to start the day. Once I am up, I’ve found the first thing I want to do is stretch my arms up and lengthen out my whole body in a big monster of a stretch. It’s almost as if my muscles are so relaxed they are begging me to move them.

For these reasons (in addition to being a Pilates-a-holic), I began to schedule my Pilates practice as a morning workout. I felt so incredible starting my day this way, it soon became routine. There are many added benefits to scheduling this workout before you grab your keys and hit the accelerator on your day.

Here are a couple reasons why you should schedule your mat class for the a.m. …



MINDBODYGREEN/5 Moves To Target Your Deep Core

The stronger we can get the deep muscles of our core, the more true our core strength is.

It isn’t just a strong outer layer that can easily be seen on a surface level; it is truly a deep powerhouse that will help your pelvis sit in its true natural position, which then allows the spine to lift naturally out of the pelvis and be supported by those strong abdominal muscles.

Long story short: Shore up your deep core, and your posture will improve and your strong abdominals will help support the spine and protect against injuries. What's more, a strong deep core will help your muscles actually work harder, leading to better results.

These moves are the gold standard for a deep core-based focus.

They'll help you safely and effectively strengthen the deep intricate muscles of the midsection as well as your six-pack muscles (i.e., the rectus abdominals)...


LIVESTRONG/How To Shrink "The Zone"

Having curves is beautiful, and I don’t think anyone should ever feel like they have to thin out their body to look sexy. That being said, there are some great exercises that are fan-frickin’-tastic for these particular body parts, so read on to see what I incorporate into my own workouts as well as my clients’ to tighten and tone “The Zone.”